Bikes and transit

Grand River Transit

Grand River Transit (GRT) provides transit service in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, St. Jacobs and New Hamburg. GRT’s service includes ION light rail, which runs between between Conestoga Station in Waterloo and Fairway Station in Kitchener.

Bike racks at GRT stops and stations

Bike racks are available at most ION light rail stations, ION Bus stations, and iXpress stops. Bike racks are also available at Cambridge Centre Station and Sunrise Centre Station.

Bikes on GRT vehicles

GRT has updated its policies to make it easier to combine your journey with public transit. Visit GRT’s Bike Policy page for full details and information about other personal vehicles like e-scooters on transit.

Please remember that bikes cannot be ridden on/through bus stops or ION station platforms. Please walk your bike!

Traditional bikes: Permitted on ION light rail vehicles and GRT buses

Bringing your bike on light rail trains

  • Board through the train’s double doors.
  • Stand with bike in the priority seating area if unoccupied.
  • Hold on to your bike at all times with a wheel brake engaged to prevent it from moving or slipping.
  • Please note that passengers with bikes must vacate the priority seating area for persons with disabilities

Bringing your bike on GRT buses

Every GRT bus has a bike rack so passengers can combine cycling with the convenience of public transit. Each rack holds two bikes of most sizes and styles (non-motorized, two-wheel bikes only, please).

Bikes should be carried on the bike rack located on the front of the bus. Children’s bikes that do not fit on the rack may be brought on board if space permits.

Cargo bikes and other wide/large bicycles partially block aisles/doors and cannot be accommodated on board GRT buses and ION trains.

E-bikes: Permitted on ION light rail vehicles, but NOT permitted on GRT buses

Many bikes with electric motors still weigh more than the maximum allowable “per bike” limit for the bus bike rack. To ensure space is available for riders with mobility aids or strollers, bus bike racks must be used for bikes whenever they are available, so e-bikes cannot be accommodated on board GRT buses at this time.

E-bike riders on light rail trains should follow the same instructions as traditional bike riders when boarding and traveling on the train.

Visit GRT’s Bike Policy page for full details.